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Our full suite of marketing and technology tools frees you up to focus on building relationships with buyers and sellers. We deliver a single sign-on platform that is a life changer and a time saver - and it’s fully supported by our Member Services Team.

These are real people with real knowledge (plus live webinars, on-demand videos, and more!) who are here to help you build your business and sales. We make sure every NextHomie feels immediately at home.

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At NextHome Choice Realty, fees are kept low. There are no desk fees, no broker review fees, no website fees, no technology fee.

The franchise fee is flexible and is charged at a low, flat per-month charge or on a per transaction basis. You can change the way the fee is paid every six months. Why change plans you ask? One common reason is seasonal. During the slower winter season, our agents can choose the percentage option. Then when the spring market arrives, agents can switch to the flat rate option. And for our brand new agents, the percentage option allows them to build their businesses without the monthly fee until they sell their first home.

Our Office

Located in the Town of Cornelius.

We offer a professional, well-appointed office space to work from. Our office consists of a conference room, reception area with a cafe style meeting place on the main floor and agent work station and break room upstairs. We do not charge desk fees or require mandatory floor time.

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Client development, business sustainability, and increased income are likely priorities of yours. How can we help get you there? We’re as responsive to your unique business demands as we are to the ever-changing real estate market.


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We offer each and every one of our clients unrivaled attention, personal integrity, and honesty to ensure our clients feel confident and happy.

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